Wilder Amplification is the brainchild of Jon Wilder (yes that is his real name). Jon began his interest in general electronics at the young age of 12 and picked up guitar at age 13.

At the age of 15, a high school friend sold him his first electric guitar, which was an Epiphone S-310 Strat copy. He decided to integrate the two skill sets and started out with guitar wiring and pickup swaps. Eventually, he gained an interest in tube amp electronics and by the age of 17, had built his first guitar amplifier.

Jon has always had a love for the hard edged tone of 80s rock guitarists such as George Lynch and Warren DiMartini. He noticed that most of the amps being released when he was growing up just didn’t seem to have that sound. He had played through a couple of hot rodded amplifiers that gave him that sound, but nothing on the mainstream market seemed to do it. The biggest issue he encountered was the low end voicing. Most amps with built in overdrive and even pedals available would feel “flubby” and would fart out under heavy palm muting. Knowing and accepting that he wouldn’t find the amp on the mainstream market, he sought to design and build his own.

Just prior to building his first amp, he’d heard his friend play through his dad’s 1972 Marshall Super Lead.